Naran Shettigar is a student at UT Austin who loves to think and do.

Most of Naran’s writing and artwork focuses on social change, class, race, politics, and whatever subject interests him in the moment.

Moreover, Naran has taken an interest in business/social entrepreneurship, co-founding Austin Youth Artists United (AYAU), a local nonprofit magazine dedicated to crossing social boundaries through high-school art. 

If there’s one trait running through Naran’s work, it’s that no two endeavors are ever the exact same.

See below for a list of his accomplishments. 


Here is some of Naran’s most recent work:

Austin Youth Artists United:

Austin Youth Artists United (AYAU) is a nonprofit magazine dedicated to providing a platform for young creators from across the Austin area to showcase their own work.

Co-founded in 2019 with Apricity Magazine, AYAU currently publishes submissions and work on its website.

AYAU accepts all kinds of artwork, be it writing, illustration, music, film, dance, theater, etc.


Follow up on Naran’s recent endeavors and work.